‘Sensible’ Poems

It’s time to stop this silliness.
It’s time to stop this fun.
The seriousness is too long overdue.
So wipe that silly smile away
And think of sober thoughts,
Like the Queen of England sitting on the loo.

Take the moon

Take the moon
And take the sea
And take the sky,
But leave me be
Alone with you,
Just you and me,
And we will live here


Imagine a world without toys.
Imagine a world where the girls and the boys
Have to work for their keep –
Where they just work and sleep.

Imagine a home with no water.
Imagine a home where our sons and our daughters
Are hungry all day
And have no time to play.

Imagine a life without rest.
Imagine a life where you’re forced to confess
Things you never have done
At the end of a gun.

Imagine that these things exist.
Imagine these things as, at night you are kissed
By your loved ones in bed,
When you lay down your head.

Now imagine the things you could change.
Imagine a world, though some say I’m deranged,
Where fears have been banished
And tears have been vanished.

Today is such a brilliant day –
It never ever goes away.
Whenever I wake up
Its dawn is always at the crack.

But yesterday is not so good –
It never stays like what it should,
And I feel sad because I know
I’ll never get it back.

Tomorrow teases me so much –
It’s never close enough to touch,
But stays beyond my reach
As if it’s laughing in my face.

One day I stayed up through the night
And, as tomorrow came in sight,
It went and jumped ahead and left
Today there in its place.

So now I do not try to dwell
On yesterdays and also tell
Myself that those tomorrows
Are horizons in the sun.

I spI spend my time in just today,
Enjoying it in every way,
Until the day finally arrives
When my todays are done.
If you were not there beside me

If I had all the money in the world, I’d still be poor…
If every country on Earth was to put down its weapons and accept peace,
I’d still be at war…
If I had a hundred clowns, a thousand comedians and a million jokes to entertain me,
I’d still be sad…
If I had one of everything that existed in the whole wide world, there would still be something
That I wish that I had…
If I had done everything there was to do and been everywhere there was to be and seen everything there was to see
I would still have regrets…
And in the most beautiful part of the world, on the most beautiful day ever,
Where the dying day was unlike that ever witnessed before, or ever will be again,
I would never appreciate the once in a lifetime wonder of the moment,
As the burning sun sets…
…if you were not there beside me.

How high is the sky?

How high is the sky? Is it all the way and back?
Does it go from here to there or further still?
Is it longer than forever? Is it mostly blue or black?
I do not know and s’pose I never will.

How deep is the sea? From the bottom to the top?
Is it as far as you can go or even more?
Does it end before you get there? If I sink when will I stop?
If there’s an answer I will never know for sure.

How long is the world going to keep on spinning round?
Will it stop awhile, then spin the other way?
If it stopped all of a sudden would my feet float off the ground?
They may not do this, but then again they may.

How far would I go for you? Is there a limit to my love?
To keep you safe what is the price I’d pay?
To this I know the answer, for it’s written up above.
Everything and more is what I’d say.
Lucky in life

There are millions of people less lucky than me,
For I’ve had my breakfast, my dinner and tea.
I sleep in a bed and I wake in the morn.
I’ve lived lots of days since the day I was born.
My house has a roof and some walls and a door.
When I step outside there is no-one at war.
I visit a doctor when I don’t feel well,
And when I’m unhappy I have someone to tell.
I’m liked by so many, even loved by a few.
I always have lots of fun things I can do.
I hope if you’re reading this that you will be
Someone who is lucky in life just like me.

IF windows weren’t see through, then would they be walls?
And IF bricks were circular would they be balls?
IF apples were pear shaped, then would they be pears?
IF there weren’t many common things, would they be rare?

IF toys couldn’t be played with would they just be stuff?
IF cow poo was fluffy, would it be called fluff?
IF horses had long necks would they be giraffes?
IF bad news was brilliant, would it make you laugh?

IF the sea wasn’t wet would it be something dry?
IF frogs had six legs and wings would they be flies?
IF fingers had one joint, then would they be thumbs?
IF dads all wore dresses would they be called mums?

IF lights had no bulbs in would they be called darks?
IF graveyards had roundabouts would they be parks?
IF yesterdays stayed with us would they be nows?
IF wars had no weapons would they just be rows?

IF you didn’t love me, then what would I be?
When I looked in the mirror, then what would I see?
I’d see something different, you must understand,
For you are what makes me the person I am.
Parent and child

Who makes a nurse better when she’s poorly?
Who teaches a teacher how to teach?
Who delivers parcels to a postman?
Who saves a lifeguard when he’s drowning on the beach?

Who buries an undertaker when he dies?
Who arrests a policeman when he’s bad?
Who will fly a pilot ‘cross the water?
Who can make a clown laugh when he’s feeling down and sad?

Who fixes the car of a mechanic?
Who cooks Sunday dinner for a chef?
Who gives a hairdresser a haircut?
Who will fight a soldier when there are no more soldiers left?

Who makes adults smile when children leave them?
Who looks after children when they’re grown?
I’ll be there for you, my child, until you find your way
And, through your life,you’ll never need to feel alone.
If boats were planes

If boats were planes
And planes were boats,
Then boats would fly
And planes would float.

If cats were mice
And mice were cats,
Cats would eat cheese,
And mice eat rats.

If hot was cold
And cold was hot,
Then cold would boil
And hot would not.

If air was wet
And sea was dry,
Flies would be fish,
And fish be flies.

If feet were hands
And hands were feet,
Then hands would walk
And feet would eat.

If beasts were men
And men were beasts,
Then men would die
For beasts to feast.

If war was peace
And peace was war,
Then peace would reign,
And war no more.

If death was life
And life was death,
Life would be still,
And death draw breath.

If white was black
And black was white,
No-one would care
For wrong or right.

If hate was love
And love was hate,
Then love would hurt,
And hate placate.

If clay was God
And God was clay,
Then clay would rule
And none would pray.

If you were me
And I was you,
Where you would go
I would go too.

© Copyright Mike Lucas