‘Space and Time’ Poems

Space is a place where the moon has a face
And the stars are just holes in the sky.
Time travels on. First it’s here, then it’s gone.
And I’ve heard people say it can fly.

A splendid meeting

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the sun and moon could meet?
If one night the sinking sun could stay awake and greet
The rising moon and say, ‘Hello,’ and ask, ‘How do you do?’
And then the moon could smile and answer, ‘Splendid. How are you?’

The sun could talk about the day, the moon about the night.
The stars could listen patiently and shed a little light
Upon a brand new friendship that could last a million years,
And put an end to wars and dry a hundred billion tears.
For if the sun and moon are friends, then anyone can be.
I can be a friend to you and you a friend to me.
We’ll put aside our differences and share the things we know,
And cast away the darkness with an everlasting glow.
The exactly one minute poem

This one minute poem is one minute long.
If you read it just right then you won’t get it wrong.
It should last sixty seconds (not one second more),
For that’s what a one minute poem is for.

Exactly one minute, or else it won’t be
A one minute poem – you surely must see
That sixty one seconds is too long a rhyme,
For a minute is just sixty seconds in time.

Fifty nine seconds is one second short
For a one minute rhyme in this book you have bought,
So it’s up to the person who’s reading it now
To read it just right and I’ll let you know how.

Please make sure this poem is read at the speed
That will make it exactly one minute to read.

You can’t miss out lines and you can’t add in words.
To read it exact is the method preferred.
And don’t glance at your watch for it might make you pause,
And a pause in this poem would lose you applause.

We’re right near the end and I hope you’ve done well,
But it’s up to the person who’s listening to tell.
So get ready to clap if it’s lasted one minute.
If not, then go back to the start and begin it.
The brain eating Martian

I am a brain eating Martian.
Eating brains is what I do.
There are many ways to eat human brains,
And I’m going to name a few.

You can...

Cut off the top of the head like an egg and scoop out the sticky insides;
Dip in some soldiers right up to the shoulders (white or brown bread, toast or fried);
You can stick a long straw up the right or left nostril and suck the brains down through the nose;
You can send a spaceworm all the way through their body and pull it right down through their toes;

You can catch hold their legs and then bite off their head and then spit  their skull out like a pip;
You can whisk it all up, place it all in a cup and then savour the juice sip by sip;
You can leave in the eyes and have eyeball surprise – the surprise is the eyes watch you eating;
You can scoop it out whole, put it into a bowl, and then give it a blooming good beating;

You can mix it and mash it and boil it and bash it and fry it and try it with sauce;
You can grate it and grill it and churn it and chill it and toast it and roast it, of course.
But don’t think I’m mad or I’m bad or I’m evil, disgusting or crazy, insane,
But I have an intolerance to things that aren’t brain and a figure that I must maintain.
So when we invade that small planet of yours please don’t hold us poor Martians to blame.
It’s just in our nature (we don’t really hate you) – we just have to chew
on your brain.
A sweet life

If the moon was made of custard,
And the Earth made of ice-cream,
And the sun was made of jelly,
How sweet everything would seem.
The end of the Universe
I’ve been to the end of the Universe.
I went there and then I came back.
I won’t go again,
For the journey’s a pain,
And there’s nothing at all except black.

Apparently, the Universe is mostly made of space
And, from what I’ve heard, that space is such an empty, weightless place
And, because it’s mostly nothing then, from what I understand,
Most of it would fit into the palm of my left hand.

A space log

If I found a twig on Mars
I surely would be famous.
A twig from Mars is better
Than a big log from Uranus.

© Copyright Mike Lucas