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Like most people, Mike has a silly side and a sensible side. The sensible side is used for writing sensible books. And for doing sensible things like going to the bank, eating vegetables and walking his pet giraffe, Edward. Because everybody knows that giraffes do not like silliness.

Mike's Sensible Picture Books

Olivia's Voice

Mike's Funny Poetry Books

Each wiith 99 poems

The end of the world

When the end of the world comes and knocks on my door,
Do you think I could ask for just five minutes more?
For I’m bound to be writing down words at the time
And I’d like to be able to finish my rhyme.

A Load of New Nonsense
Tales from an Alien's Toe
Things and Other Stuff
Big Silly and Little Sensible
Welcome to Mike Lucas’ mostly silly side with a serious bit thrown in every now and again to stop you dying from laughter. You didn’t know you could do that, did you? Well, you can. My Great Uncle did. He laughed so hard that he choked on his mint and stepped backwards off a cliff into the gaping jaws of a hungry crocodile.
So take any sweets out of your mouth and step away from any sudden drops.
You can use this site to take a look at the brilliant books that Mike has written.
You can use this site to read some of the 99 funny rhymes  that are in each his poetry collections.
You can even send Mike some of your own poems so that he can put them on the website. But don’t forget to put your name and age and favourite food in the message.
And finally you can stand on your head in front of the computer screen with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears and watch the whole thing turn upside down and then disappear…as if by magic.
It’s up to you.
Just watch out for the crocodile.

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